BRI Community is moving!

The editorial team is relocating to a new journal and our authors and readers are too.

The most important part of any journal is its people – readers, authors, reviewers, editorial board and editors. This is created slowly over time. It depends upon the establishment of trust, mutual support, respect and goodwill.  It is underpinned by strong, clear values, intellectual integrity, transparency as well as hard work behind the scenes.

Many of you will know that my role as BRI’s editor-in-chief was terminated at the end of 2018. My sincere and deep thanks to hundreds of people who made representations and voiced their concerns.  I’ve been extremely fortunate for the massive support given to me by our authors, reviewers, readers, the editorial board and co-editors.

Dark clouds can have silver linings. A seemingly negative experience can be transformed into a positive one.

Together with BRI’s associate editors and most of BRI’s 2018 editorial board members, we are starting a new journal, Buildings and Cities.  This international peer-reviewed journal’s goals are to promote robust evidence, ideas and knowledge about the built environment (buildings, neighbourhoods, cities and infrastructure) — particularly how these different scales interact and affect each other. Buildings and Cities will continue to maintain our high standards of research assessment and curation of cutting-edge themed issues.

The operation of Buildings and Cities will be run along a set of key principles, including:

  • operating as an independent not-for-profit organisation – there are no shareholders
  • being close to the communities we serve – the editors manage the journal
  • valuing and respecting the work that authors and reviewers provide
  • maintaining integrity in all our work with authors
  • making all articles freely available (open access)
  • creating an inclusive community of authors and assisting those without funding to publish in our journal.

Our existing community will migrate to Buildings and Cities, and continue to expand from there.  We will be building on our solid track record of achievement and experience. We’re also organisationally liberated and will now be able to do new things – these will be announced over the coming months.

You are cordially invited to join us!

Please visit our new website and sign up for our occasional newsletters.

Richard Lorch

Richard Lorch was the editor-in-chief of BRI between 1997-2018.  From 2019, he is the editor-in-chief of Buildings and Cities.


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